Stock of goods and property

To the owners/manufacturers of goods our specialists may offer:
  • preliminary inspection (accounting)
  • visual survey
  • verification/Check of the necessary documents
  • examination of the state of packing, marking and quality of the goods
  • stocktaking at the delivery of goods to the warehouse
  • inspection of the goods during the storage and warehouse operations
At the occurrence of an insured accident we can:
  • ascertain the fact of spoiling or worsening of the quality
  • identify the causes leading to spoiling or worsening of the quality of the goods/ production
  • determine the liability for the consequences of actions/ inactions
  • analyze the circumstances and assess the damage
The investigation of the insured case may be carried out at each phase of its consideration by the parties involved.
Based on the results of expert examination the corresponding expert opinion relating to accident will be submitted to Customer being either the insurer or the insured.