Energy sector enterprises

Our specialists will:
  • inspect such enterprise for the purpose of developing complex measures to prevent any accident and to ensure the reliability of power machinery, equipment and premises (pre-insurance survey)
  • make a damage assessment and estimate the lost profits in the event of an accident
  • make a general situation analysis
  • identify the cause of the accident (event)
At the occurrence of an insured accident the insured (owner of the energy sector enterprise) may at times to exaggerate the amount of damage resulting from accidents, while the insurer may on its part decrease the amount of coverage payable to insured under the insurance policy or even refuse the payment. To prevent any misrepresentations of this kind our experts will ascertain the fact, nature, amount and, if necessary, the cause of the damage or, which is of not less importance, the absence of damage as at the moment of inspection, and will determine the liability and the consequences of actions/ inaction. The corresponding expert opinion will be based on the results of such work. Expert opinion may be ordered both by the insurer and the insured (owner of the energy sector enterprise).