Cargoes and cargo transportation

The problems arising during the cargo transportation include the damage, shortage, theft or other losses of the cargo.
Surveyor is an independent inspector involved when any of these problems arise and survey of the cargo damage is an expert examination of the cargo and conditions of transportation. Surveyor services include:
  • inspection of the cargo on each phase of loading/offloading, control of the quality, quantity, packing and shipping conditions of the goods, etc.
  • estimate of the cargo quantity and control of its placement on the vehicle (stowage, fastening, safety)
  • assessment of the technical condition of the vehicle and its capacity for safe transportation, lading and discharge of the goods, etc.
The surveyor account shall ascertain the fact, nature, amount and cause of the damage, as well as the liability of the parties. The surveyor account may be ordered both by the insurance company (Insurer) and the cargo owner (Insured), as well as the shipper. At the occurrence of an insured accident the shipping parties may be willing to exaggerate the amount of damage, while the Insurer will try to decrease or even deny the coverage of the sum payable to insured. Opposite to them the independent surveyor has no material incentive in the results of the expert examination and as such his opinion may be able to show the objective reality.